My Profile

This is super simple.  When you are logged in, go to the page that you manage (after administrators have assigned you), and click on the Edit Details bar.Then Browse and upload your new logo.Then Save at the bottom.  Done.
The website has been upgraded, so now to edit your Organisation profile - when you are assigned to a page you will see an Edit Details full-width row.  Click on it and it will expand the box for you to edit anything on that page.From the logo, to the Quote (text limited) to other things.
Security wise, this is an important feature.To edit your Password, once you are logged in (as you are now), click My Profile.At the bottom of the screen is a "Set New Password" button.  It will reveal one for you, or you can replace the characters to one you want to remember.  Then Update Profile.
The colour scheme refers only to the 'Members Menu' that you see when you go to Add or Event your events or Profile.  By Default it is dark, almost black, but you can change it.Once logged in, click on My Profile.or My Events and you will see the 'Members area'.Click on My Profile on the main site, and it will take you straight to your Profile screen.  From there you can choose from the pre-selected colour schemes.  Just click 'Update Profile' at the bottom of the screen.