There will be times when you need to tell readers where your event is being held.This is for the Location/Venue tab under Event Details.Enter all details with you to put in.  you can ignore the Latitude and Longitude if you wish.
This is super simple.  When you are logged in, go to the page that you manage (after administrators have assigned you), and click on the Edit Details bar.Then Browse and upload your new logo.Then Save at the bottom.  Done.
The website has been upgraded, so now to edit your Organisation profile - when you are assigned to a page you will see an Edit Details full-width row.  Click on it and it will expand the box for you to edit anything on that page.From the logo, to the Quote (text limited) to other things.

Adding an event is really simple.  First job, be signed in.  If you are not already signed in, click here to go to My Account.

Then within the main menu, under My Profile, click Add Event.  This will take you to an 'admin area' of this website unseen by others.

This is the screen you should see

In the Add Title box, enter the brief title of your Event, such as "Bank Holiday Sunday Heritage Show".

In the larger field below, enter plenty of information about this event.  As you enter details, you may see the 'website address' of this Event shown below the title.


You may notice your title has a "-2" in it.  This means this title has been used elsewhere, and the 'URL' (website address) has been taken.  You can't have two pages with the same address, so the syste, auto-adds a 2 or 3... to the end of it.

If you want to change it, just click 'Edit' next to it.

Then enter the new title and click OK.  If this one isn't 'taken', it will appear normally.

That's the title done.  And now we can work on the main body text of your Event.

Give it loads of information.  More details on adding 'Links' etc are within this FAQ.

If you want to enter Bullet points, just click the Bullet Points icon.  If you want it to be Bold, click the 'B' bold icon.  Just like you would in Word.

Each event really needs an image to make it stand out when someone clicks on it within the calendar.  This could be a poster than you have scanned, or a photo of someone or something at the event.Adding this image is so easy.When you are creating your Event, on most 'PC' sides screens you will see a Right Side bar with 'Featured Image' as it's title.Click on the blue 'Set featured image' link and it will bring up a 'popup'.If you have yet to assign any images, this will be empty, else it will show thumbnails of all your images.If it is empty, click the 'Upload Files' tab, then 'Select Files' button.When you select 'Select Files', this will open up a window to your PC where you can browse to the image you wish to use.  The system works for: png, gif and jpg.Select the image, and upload.  Once done, it will be highlighted with a 'blue checkbox', and a blue 'Set Featured Image' button will be on the lower right of your screen within the browser.  Click that and your image will pop into that Featured Image box.That's your image assigned.  If you are creating your first Event, you might want to go to the top of the page, and click the 'Save Draft' button.If you are editing, click 'Update'.
Let's say you want to create a new event, but you are not yet ready for it to go live.  You can 'Save Draft'.On the right of your 'Add Event' page is a 'Publish' box.  Within it are several buttons.Save Draft Preview Publish... see below...Save Draft - this allows you to save the Event, and leave it.  You can come back to it when you are ready to finish it off.Preview - once you have entered all your details into the Event, you might want to see how it looks - click Preview and it will open in a NEW TAB, and you can see how it looks.  Return to the *other tab* to make final changes.You can also use this button if you are Editing a live event, just to see how your changes might look - to preview how your Event appears to readers.Publish - you are ready for your Event to go live on the website.  Click Publish and it's done!
Security wise, this is an important feature.To edit your Password, once you are logged in (as you are now), click My Profile.At the bottom of the screen is a "Set New Password" button.  It will reveal one for you, or you can replace the characters to one you want to remember.  Then Update Profile.
The colour scheme refers only to the 'Members Menu' that you see when you go to Add or Event your events or Profile.  By Default it is dark, almost black, but you can change it.Once logged in, click on My Profile.or My Events and you will see the 'Members area'.Click on My Profile on the main site, and it will take you straight to your Profile screen.  From there you can choose from the pre-selected colour schemes.  Just click 'Update Profile' at the bottom of the screen.

You may need to adjust the time of an event, or move the date.

Go to Edit the Event in either of the two standard methods:

Option 1: Admin bar 'Edit Event'

Go to the event via the Calendar in Events, and click Edit Event.

Option 2: Main menu

When you are logged in, go to My Profile > My Events, then scroll down to find your event.  This is usually the slower method.

Once opened, scroll down the page to Event Details.  You will see the Date and Time you entered.

Simply click on the Start Date field and change if if desired.
Same for End date.

Then click the Start Time to change that if desired.
Same for End Time.

To view all events you have added, or are adding (and saved), simply hover over My Profile (or tap on a phone) and click My Events.This will display all events, and show those you can edit yourself.Hover over your events and you will see a display inline-menu.  Click Edit or the title of the event itself.This will open the screen you saw when you Added an Event. The process is the same, except you cannot 'save draft'.  If you are finished editing, you just click the Update button.