Louth Museum Lecture – John Betjeman & Lincolnshire by Horace Liberty

John Betjeman & Lincolnshire

Horace has worked as a schoolteacher and Associate Lecturer with the Open University and had a wide range of interests.   He is a member of the Betjeman Society and edits The Betjemanian, the annual journal of the Society

John Betjeman, Poet Laureate and conservation pioneer, was a regular visitor to Lincolnshire.  He was drawn to the county by friends and his admiration of Tennyson.  He loved the place names and the churches – and these feature in a number of poems that are firmly located in the county.  This talk examines what John Betjeman found to be special about Lincolnshire.

The lectures will be held in the Methodist Church in Nichol Hill, LN11 9NQ.

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