FenArch – What Lies Beneath Sherwood Forest?

A talk by Chris Caswell.

LiDAR’s unique ability to detect subtle topographical changes beneath dense
vegetation has become indispensable in the field for archaeologists. Our focus
will be on a newly conducted ultra-high-resolution scan of Sherwood Forest,
shedding light on previously concealed archaeological features.
Chris is a highly experienced project manager and consultant specialising in
community heritage projects and 3D and geospatial datasets. He is currently a
Director at Reclaim Heritage.

Booking essential so email info@fenarch.org.uk and book your place.
To be held at The Chapel, Wisbech General Cemetery, North End, Wisbech,
PE13 1PE

7:00 pm Wednesday 22nd November 2023
Admission £4-00 for non-members (pay on the door)

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