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BBC: Roman settlement discovered at Peterborough warehouse site

Archaeologists working at a warehouse development site have uncovered the remains of a Roman settlement. Excavation work at the site in... read more

Centre for Fenland Studies – Update

Work on the Centre for Fenland Studies at Ayscoughfee Hall in Spalding is progressing. The local history book collection has... read more

Museums Association: Ely Museum ‘devastated’ after theft of bronze age treasures

Thieves broke into the museum in the early hours of Tuesday 7 May and stole the East Cambridgeshire gold torc... read more

Centre for Fenland Studies

Centre for Fenland Studies In June 2024 Spalding  Gentlemen's Society in conjunction with Ayscoughfee Hall Museum will be opening a research... read more

Prehistoric henge reveals centuries-old sacred site in Lincolnshire

Archaeologists from Newcastle University have unearthed evidence for an evolving sacred landscape spanning centuries in Crowland, Lincolnshire. The study is  read more

Youtube – The Last Celts in England

The Last Celts in England - an exploration of Celtic Britons living in the Fens long after they were thought... read more

The Guardian: Bronze age objects from ‘Pompeii of the Fens’ to go on display

Next month, some of the preserved objects from the Must Farm excavation will go on display at Peterborough Museum in... read more

LincsOnline: Plans for Crowland museum to house WW2 Buffalo landing vehicle

A group’s hopes of creating a museum to house the iconic Crowland Buffalo – and celebrate the area’s wartime and... read more


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