Editing Events

There will be times when you need to tell readers where your event is being held.This is for the Location/Venue tab under Event Details.Enter all details with you to put in.  you can ignore the Latitude and Longitude if you wish.

You may need to adjust the time of an event, or move the date.

Go to Edit the Event in either of the two standard methods:

Option 1: Admin bar 'Edit Event'

Go to the event via the Calendar in Events, and click Edit Event.

Option 2: Main menu

When you are logged in, go to My Profile > My Events, then scroll down to find your event.  This is usually the slower method.

Once opened, scroll down the page to Event Details.  You will see the Date and Time you entered.

Simply click on the Start Date field and change if if desired.
Same for End date.

Then click the Start Time to change that if desired.
Same for End Time.

To view all events you have added, or are adding (and saved), simply hover over My Profile (or tap on a phone) and click My Events.This will display all events, and show those you can edit yourself.Hover over your events and you will see a display inline-menu.  Click Edit or the title of the event itself.This will open the screen you saw when you Added an Event. The process is the same, except you cannot 'save draft'.  If you are finished editing, you just click the Update button.
When you create or even edit an Event, you want to select when it starts and ends.  It might also be an all-day event.Doing this is easy.In the box labelled Event Details:Simply click on the grey 'Start Date' box and a calendar will popup.Enter the date.  You can click on the dropdown for the month if the event is next month, or click the < > arrows to scan through.Then select the same for the End Date, and the Times which are in AM/PM rather than 24hr.If it is an 'All-day Event', just check the 'All-day' Event box below the dates.Then click Save Draft or Publish when you are ready.

Updating Date and Time

This process is exactly the same.  If you entered the wrong date or time, or it needs to be changed, just Edit the event, and change the details, then click Update.And there you have it - Dates and Times of event, done.
Let's say you want to create a new event, but you are not yet ready for it to go live.  You can 'Save Draft'.On the right of your 'Add Event' page is a 'Publish' box.  Within it are several buttons.Save Draft Preview Publish... see below...Save Draft - this allows you to save the Event, and leave it.  You can come back to it when you are ready to finish it off.Preview - once you have entered all your details into the Event, you might want to see how it looks - click Preview and it will open in a NEW TAB, and you can see how it looks.  Return to the *other tab* to make final changes.You can also use this button if you are Editing a live event, just to see how your changes might look - to preview how your Event appears to readers.Publish - you are ready for your Event to go live on the website.  Click Publish and it's done!