Getting Started – Saving it for later

Let’s say you want to create a new event, but you are not yet ready for it to go live.  You can ‘Save Draft’.

On the right of your ‘Add Event’ page is a ‘Publish’ box.  Within it are several buttons.

Save Draft

… see below…

Save Draft – this allows you to save the Event, and leave it.  You can come back to it when you are ready to finish it off.

Preview – once you have entered all your details into the Event, you might want to see how it looks – click Preview and it will open in a NEW TAB, and you can see how it looks.  Return to the *other tab* to make final changes.

You can also use this button if you are Editing a live event, just to see how your changes might look – to preview how your Event appears to readers.

Publish – you are ready for your Event to go live on the website.  Click Publish and it’s done!