Getting Started – Adding the main ‘Featured’ image

Each event really needs an image to make it stand out when someone clicks on it within the calendar.  This could be a poster than you have scanned, or a photo of someone or something at the event.

Adding this image is so easy.

When you are creating your Event, on most ‘PC’ sides screens you will see a Right Side bar with ‘Featured Image’ as it’s title.

Click on the blue ‘Set featured image’ link and it will bring up a ‘popup’.

If you have yet to assign any images, this will be empty, else it will show thumbnails of all your images.

If it is empty, click the ‘Upload Files’ tab, then ‘Select Files’ button.

When you select ‘Select Files’, this will open up a window to your PC where you can browse to the image you wish to use.  The system works for: png, gif and jpg.

Select the image, and upload.  Once done, it will be highlighted with a ‘blue checkbox’, and a blue ‘Set Featured Image’ button will be on the lower right of your screen within the browser.  Click that and your image will pop into that Featured Image box.

That’s your image assigned.  If you are creating your first Event, you might want to go to the top of the page, and click the ‘Save Draft’ button.

If you are editing, click ‘Update’.