Getting started – Add an Event

Adding an event is really simple.  First job, be signed in.  If you are not already signed in, click here to go to My Account.

Then within the main menu, under My Profile, click Add Event.  This will take you to an ‘admin area’ of this website unseen by others.

This is the screen you should see

In the Add Title box, enter the brief title of your Event, such as “Bank Holiday Sunday Heritage Show”.

In the larger field below, enter plenty of information about this event.  As you enter details, you may see the ‘website address’ of this Event shown below the title.


You may notice your title has a “-2” in it.  This means this title has been used elsewhere, and the ‘URL’ (website address) has been taken.  You can’t have two pages with the same address, so the syste, auto-adds a 2 or 3… to the end of it.

If you want to change it, just click ‘Edit’ next to it.

Then enter the new title and click OK.  If this one isn’t ‘taken’, it will appear normally.

That’s the title done.  And now we can work on the main body text of your Event.

Give it loads of information.  More details on adding ‘Links’ etc are within this FAQ.

If you want to enter Bullet points, just click the Bullet Points icon.  If you want it to be Bold, click the ‘B’ bold icon.  Just like you would in Word.