SGS Lecture – The Hunt for Dark Matter

The Hunt for Dark Matter

Presented by Ed Daw, Professor of Gravitational Waves and Dark Matter Physics Sheffield University

The universe is dominated by a mysterious substance that neither emits light nor obscures luminous objects

The lectures are held on Friday evenings commencing 7.30 p.m. at Spalding Methodist Church in Broad Street, directly opposite our museum. Admission will be £3.00 per person. We ask that only people who are fully vaccinated or have passed a recent clear Covid test should attend in person. We plan to live stream the lectures using the Microsoft Teams platform for the benefit of those unwilling or unable to attend at the venue. Booking will required to access the stream at the same cost, £3.00.

To attend online please book through Art Tickets by clicking

Available online events will be published on Art Tickets 7-10 days before the event

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