Louth Museum – The Shopkeeper and his Assistant

The Shopkeeper & His Assistant

This lecture will be held in Louth Methodist Church, Nichol Hill.

Born and bred in Louth, in his younger days Chris Birchmore was able to experience going shopping in the town, when it was full of traditional shops.

The first Supermarket in Louth opened in the 1960s, and in the space of a decade began to end the way we did our daily shopping.  But one shop in Little Eastgate, Platt’s Provision Stores, which Chris first visited in a pram, survived longer than most.  Eventually Chris shopped there for himself, and it was a shop that had strong family ties.  Finally, it closed in the 1980s.  Chris’ Auntie was Mr Platt’s assistant, from both he obtained so much knowledge of Louth and the people they met, he will tell stories and memories passed on by them.

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