Louth Museum Lecture – Literature and Lincolnshire

Literature & Lincolnshire

This lecture will be held in the Methodist Church, Nichol Hill, LN11 9NQ

Hazel Hale has taught English Language and Literature throughout her career, in schools, Adult Education and for the Open University. She was a WEA tutor in a wide range of Lincolnshire venues.  Though now retired she still enjoys giving the occasional talk.

It’s surprising and illuminating to look at how many writers have links to this county. In addition, many great texts draw on the geography, architecture or culture of Lincolnshire. From the obvious candidate Tennyson, born in nearby Somersby, to a range of other authors, including George Eliot, Daniel Defoe, John Betjeman and D.H. Lawrence, this talk will explore literary Lincolnshire delights, from the Middle Ages to the Twenty First century.

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