Louth Museum – Guided Visit to Withcall

Sunday, 2nd July 2023 10:30am by Henry Smith, Dave Start and Jean Howard.

Guided tour of the village, St Martin’s Church, railway tunnel, crash memorial and museum.

The beautifully kept village of Withcall lies in a sheltered valley of the Wolds just west of Louth.  We will hear the history of the Smith farming family here, take a short walk around the settlement, have a guided tour of the church and a private viewing of the long tunnel beneath the Bluestone Heath Road which carried trains from Louth to Bardney.  We will hear the story of the Mosquito aircraft carrying two Polish officers that crashed onto the fields and the monument which marks their sacrifice.  The private collection of local memorabilia and agricultural equipment will also be available to us.

A booking form can be obtained from Jean Howard on jrbh@btinternet.com

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