Louth Museum – Guided Visit to New Bolingbroke

Sunday, 13th August 2023 10:00am by Alan Rundle, Dave Start and Jean Howard.

Guided Visit to New Bolingbroke. Guided tour of the village including the old railway station and canal basin, St Peter’s Church, and Rundle’s engineering offices.

Following on from our tour of Old Bolingbroke last year we examine one of the results of John Parkinson’s extraordinary ambitions: to found a new town. New Bolingbroke, begun on the newly drained fen in 1820s, was to be a new centre of manufacturing with efficient water communication and housing provided for the workers. Sadly Parkinson’s finances were inadequate and the venture soon failed, but much can still be seen of the start and the development of this unusual settlement.

We will also enjoy a guided tour of the church with Jean Howard, a presentation of historic photographs of the village and a tour of Rundle’s engineering offices and collection led by Alan Rundle.

A booking form can be obtained from Jean Howard on jrbh@btinternet.com

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