Louth Museum – ‘From Little Steeping to Zanzibar’

‘From Little Steeping to Zanzibar: the Remarkable Legacy of Edward Steere’

– Mark Smith

This lecture will be held in Louth Methodist Church, Nichol Hill.

Mark is a retired biology teacher, Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society and resident of Little Steeping.

Edward Steere was a rector of Little Steeping.  After accompanying William Tozer of Burgh le Marsh to Nyasaland, Steere took up a post in Zanzibar where he worked with David Livingstone to abolish slavery.   Steere was a considerable linguist and produced dictionaries, grammars, hymn books and a New Testament in East African languages. He died in Zanzibar in 1882.  140 years later, a journey to Zanzibar by our speaker uncovers the achievements of this forgotten hero of the Lincolnshire marsh.

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