FenArch – Salt Production at Gaywood

Our next event is on 23rd November at the Chapel in the Wisbech General Cemetery. A poster will follow in a day or so but the event starts at 7pm and is free to members. The speaker is Graeme Clarke of Oxford Archaeology East and this is what he has to say about the talk.


“Beneath the modern housing estates of Gaywood, King’s Lynn lies a former saltmarsh rich in salt or ‘white gold’. Dozens of hillocks or mounds representing the accumulated waste deposits associated with its past salt-making industry have been mapped. Recently an exciting opportunity arose to carry out a wide-ranging scheme of topographical survey, evaluation trenching and targeted excavation. One of the key results has been to firmly establish that the mounds date back to the Middle Saxon period (8th century), continuing into the medieval period and beyond in some places. The industrial scale of salt production appears to have had a significant impact on the local physical environment. Possible church associations for the industry at Gaywood are explored along with wider links between the salt-making processes discovered here and those of other known coastal sites in England and beyond.”

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