FEAG Talk – A Bronzed Sunset over the Marshes

Online talk via Zoom by Andy Peachey

7.30pm, Tuesday 22nd February 2022

A Bronzed Sunset over the Marshes – Revealing a Late Bronze Age Enclosure and the ‘Havering’ Hoard.

Excavations of a cropmark on a gravel spur overlooking the former Wennington Marshes and the River Thames revealed the largest Bronze Age ‘founder’s hoards’ recorded in the London region. However, the bulk of the hoard was only the beginning of its enigmatic nature, with many more questions posed on its location, placement, structure and artefacts. As one of the few such hoards to be discovered as part of a systematic archaeological excavation, this talk will explore its discoveries and possible insights into the behaviour of the metalworkers who deposited ‘the Havering Hoard’.

If you would like to attend this Zoom talk, please send an email to request the link to vicki.harley@care4free.net


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