BALH Digital Seminar – Getting the Best from the Victoria County History

British Association for Local History Digital Webinar : Getting the Best from the Victoria County History.
You may know the VCH as a series of Big Red Books: now, alongside those volumes – available in a variety of forms – are slim paperbacks on individual places, and, most recently an app ‘A History of English Places’ which is designed to link histories of place with mapping on a national scale on your mobile devices.
Wednesday 15th December 2021 6:00pm – 7:30pm
Event type: Virtual
One of a series of digital skills workshops and webinars hosted by BALH in 2021.The Victoria County History (VCH) is more than just a work of local history. It is a national series, which addresses elements of interest to genealogists, environmental, economic and social historians alike. Join the series editor, Dr Adam Chapman, to learn more. This webinar is free to BALH members. Special offer: Is your local history society a BALH member? Enter your society’s discount code for the reduced rate of £3. Booking:Rate: £5 Non-Member Rate (BALH Members £0)
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